Shutdown Support

Shutdown Support

Instro Services has established itself as an industry leader when it comes down to shutdown support. We work with our clients to plan and execute critical tasks; ensuring maximum productivity during the shutdown period and a seamless start-up. During the planning stages we source many spares and overhaul kits allowing our highly trained technicians to repair equipment as needed during the shutdown period.

We have invested heavily in calibration and specialist tooling ensuring that all our technicians are gainfully employed during the shutdown period. Having such a broad range of precision equipment at our disposal allows us to undertake specialised tasks onsite, thus significantly reducing downtime.

At Instro Services we provide comprehensive reporting on all works allowing you to have an in-depth understanding of the condition of your plant and equipment. This is invaluable when planning future maintenance activities.

InstroServices - Shutdown Support

Safety Is Our Priority

We fully understand there are many additional hazards associated with shutdowns including con-ops and sim-ops. We plan the work flow to best manage work groups and eliminate the hazards.

Instro Services technicians understand the risk associated with working in shutdown situations and conduct detailed JSEA’s to identify to the hazards and implement effective control measures.

InstroServices - Safet is our priority

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Choosing to work with Instro Services ensures that your company is fully compliant with all workplace electrical safety regulation

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