Hazardous Area

Hazardous Area

It is vitally important to make sure your plant is classified into the correct zone in order to protect people, plant and environment from a catastrophic event. Furthermore, proper hazardous area zone classification can contribute to reducing costs associated with maintaining equipment and regulatory compliance.

At Instro Services we can audit your facility to identify zoning requirements and any non-conformities. We will provide a detailed report of our finding and the corrective actions required to become compliant with Australian standards.

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EEHA Inspections

All Instro Services technicians are EEHA qualified allowing them to install, inspect and maintain electrical equipment in hazardous areas.

We have gained valuable experience on some of Australia͛s largest ͚greenfield͛ projects. This experience allows us to quickly detect and correct many non compliant situations, enabling our customers to continue operating safely and efficiently. In many cases, EEHA issues have been remedied with minimal down time and costs

At Instro Services we understand the importance of complying with hazardous area standards. We provide detailed documentation to ensure your EEHA dossier is kept up-to-date.

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Hazardous Area Zone Classifications

Hazardous areas are classified into numerous zones depending on two factors:

1. The type of combustible product in the area
2. The frequency of occurrence of the combustible product

It is vitally important to make sure that your plant is classified into the right zone in order to protect your people and plant, as well as the environment. Remember that not paying attention to safety can be very costly as insurance claims will be denied in the event of an incident causing damage.

Furthermore, proper hazardous area zone classifications contribute to the efficiency of your plant as it is optimised for operational expenditure.

At Instro Services we can send a highly trained and competent EEHA contractor to your plant to ensure your plant is correctly zoned.

InstroServices - hazardous area classification

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